"The Park" - Central Park reality and dreams

Laced with cute illustrations and photographic images, The Park is an entertaining tour of New York's famous Central Park. Readers will meet Parke, an elf who acts as a tour guide and a storyteller who reveals many insightful things that defined Central Park as an ideal place to spend time in, why it continues to be a major attraction to people of different cultures, what is so nice about it, and more. Adding zest to the entertaining narrative are references to certain fairy tales, as well as cultural showcases.

The Park

The Park is the book about the place where the kids' dreams come true, especially when this place is the Central Park. Entering through the gate of no gate, being guided by little Parky, the kids will discover the pleasure of being in their own world full of magic and fantasy. Here they can meet their friends from the stories written only for them, transform themselves from one hero to another. All of this thanks of imagination and magic.


SBN: 978-1-4535-2413-8 (Softcover)
ISBN: 1-4535-2414-5 (Hardcover)
Pages : 30
Book Format :Portrait 8.5 x 11